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KCADD announces enhanced communication efforts

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 1, 2023) The Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts (KCADD) is proud to announce the implementation of enhanced communication efforts to foster greater community engagement and collaboration among its member districts. As a leading organization that promotes regional development and cooperation, KCADD recognizes the importance of effective communication in driving positive change and empowering communities across Kentucky.

With a renewed commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, KCADD has revamped its communication strategies to better serve its stakeholders and the public. These efforts include rebranding, revamped social media channels, and expanded outreach initiatives. The goal is to ensure vital information, resources, and updates are readily available to residents and partners within the area development districts.

Key highlights of the enhanced communication initiatives include:

  • Rebranding: KCADD unveiled its new logo Monday, Oct. 30. The fresh design, thoughtfully crafted to reflect the unity, progress, and commitment of the organization, marks a new chapter in KCADD’s mission to serve and empower communities across the state. The vibrant colors and state outline featuring the 15 area development districts, as well as the state capitol, highlight the organization’s unity and support network.

  • Active Social Media Presence: KCADD has increased its presence on major social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. By leveraging these platforms, KCADD aims to engage with a broader audience, share success stories, and promote community events and initiatives. Social media channels will also serve as a hub for fostering discussions, gathering feedback, and addressing community concerns.

  • Expanded Outreach Initiatives: KCADD is actively expanding its outreach efforts to connect with local communities and organizations. Through workshops, press releases, newsletters, and more, KCADD will facilitate meaningful dialogues, promote collaboration, and address challenges faced by various districts. These initiatives will provide a platform for residents and stakeholders to voice their opinions and contribute to the decision-making process.

Future initiatives will include a redesigned website with intuitive navigation and comprehensive resources. Visitors will easily access information about KCADD’s member districts, a news section, an event calendar, and multimedia resources to inform the public about the latest developments and initiatives.

“We are excited to launch these enhanced communication efforts as part of our ongoing commitment to building stronger communities in Kentucky,” KCADD Executive Director Casey Ellis said. “By fostering open communication, we aim to empower our member districts and residents, encouraging active participation and collaboration. We believe that these initiatives will strengthen our collective efforts towards sustainable development and create a positive impact on the lives of Kentuckians.”


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