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Workforce Development

Kentucky’s ADDs play a vital role in ensuring a skilled and competitive workforce across the state by providing resources, facilitating collaboration and connecting residents with the programs they need to succeed.

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Economic Development

Kentucky's ADDs act as a catalyst for economic growth at the regional level. By providing these essential services, they help create an environment that fosters business development, job creation, and overall economic prosperity for their member counties.


Water Planning

ADDs act as regional hubs that bring together various entities to establish a comprehensive water/wastewater management plan, ensuring better infrastructure and service delivery throughout Kentucky. 

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Kentucky's ADDs play a crucial role in transportation and infrastructure planning, especially in rural areas. 


Healthcare & Aging

Kentucky's ADDs are instrumental in supporting healthcare and aging services for residents, particularly in rural areas. 


GIS Mapping 

Kentucky's ADDs play a vital role in making GIS technology accessible and beneficial for informed decision-making at the regional level. They serve as a valuable resource for local governments and communities to leverage spatial data for planning and development. 


Broadband Planning

Kentucky's ADDs play a central role in ensuring equitable access to broadband across the state. They act as champions for rural communities, working tirelessly to bridge the digital divide and connect Kentuckians to the opportunities of the internet age. 

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