Our 15 Area Development Districts (ADDs) made this possible. 

A family of five is given shelter with the help of an affordable housing program.

A grandmother enjoys her twilight years peacefully thanks to a flexible homecare program.

Workers at a regional industrial park have alternative and affordable transportation options for their daily commutes.   

An entire community is furnished with affordable and reliable high-speed Internet connectivity.  

A recent college graduate find the tools and financing needed to start a business in his hometown instead of moving to the city for work


Our 15 Area Development Districts (ADDs) also made this possible.  



Regional Planning

Area Development Districts are focused on developing and sustaining the fundamental building blocks for our state, regions, and local communities in today's rapidly changing global marketplace. This includes our traditional emphasis on strategic planning and project funding for clean and safe drinking water systems, health care facilities, affordable housing, small business development, and transportation improvements.


Economic Development

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

We recognize that economic development is the cornerstone of creating a multi-faceted network of vibrant, thriving communities. That's why the ADDs have helped their communities secure over $300 million in Economic Development Administration assistance  for job creation and retention initiatives.


Social Services

Today, our programs and expertise extends even further, into areas such as aging, broadband, emergency preparedness, environmental stewardship, and workforce development.