Read what others are saying about area development districts, from Kentucky's leaders to ADD clients.

Area Development districts embody the spirit of true partnership. They play a critical role in bringing counties and communities together to address local needs and opportunities, while at the same time preserving the character of each distinct region in the commonwealth. The Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts does an outstanding job of working across county and party lines to improve the quality of life for all Kentuckians.”
— Former Governor Steve Beshear
For more than 40 years, Kentucky’s Area Development Districts have been linking local governments together as partners in a regional approach to planning and problem-solving. This synergy, coupled with the valuable resources and technical assistance provided by the Area Development Districts, has resulted in widespread public improvements that provide immeasurable benefits to our citizens.
— Former Commissioner Tony Wilder, Department for Local Government
Our Area Development Districts have transformed the Commonwealth by securing vital resources that are unique to each region of Kentucky. Our ADDs promote partnerships between government, non-profit, and private entities, broadening our regional network for the benefit of improving our infrastructure, strategizing for the future, and assisting the families we serve.
— U.S. Representative Harold "Hal" Rogers
Thanks to the CDO program, my daughter Gina has been able to receive trained, qualified assistance to further her intellectual, social, and emotional development in an effective, safe environment that is familiar to her, eliminating the fears and distractions of a new environment for each therapy she may need.
— Loretta Lucarelli, Gina's mother
The Owen County Clerks Office was able to do things in a short period of time compared to the amount of time it would have taken us to do the job without the ADDs’ computer system and GIS maps. It was amazing how much knowledge the Northern Kentucky ADD employee had, and how comfortable he was with the technology.
— Joan Kincaid, Owen County Clerk